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Sécheresse record : comment le désastre s’abat sur l’Amazonie

— fish — has become scarce. The drought has ⁢also caused ⁢the water to become stagnant, leading to an increase in the number of mosquitoes ‌and other insects.

The lack of water ‍has​ also made it difficult for locals to access the riverbanks,​ where they used to collect wood ‍for fuel and construction.

“Everything is dead,” said Paula Lima, 43, who has ⁢lived⁣ in Serafina for the‍ past 20 years.

“The river is our life. Without it, we can’t survive.”

The drought​ has also caused an increase in the number of fires in the region, as people have​ resorted to burning wood​ for fuel.

The fires have been particularly devastating for the local wildlife, which has been‌ forced to flee the flames.

“The animals are running away,” ‍said Lima. “We can’t do anything ‍to help ⁢them.”

The drought has also had a devastating impact on the local ‍economy, as the river is the main source of income for many of⁢ the island’s residents.

Fishermen, for ⁤example, have been unable to make a living due to the lack of⁣ fish, while⁢ farmers have been unable to irrigate their ‌crops.

The drought has also caused a shortage of drinking water, forcing residents to⁤ rely on ‌water trucks for their daily needs.

The situation has become so dire that⁢ the government has declared​ a state of emergency in the region.

The government has also implemented a number of ⁣measures to help the ‌affected communities, including providing food and water, as well as offering financial assistance.

But for many ‌of the island’s residents,⁢ the drought has already had a lasting impact.

“We are ⁤all suffering,” ⁤said Lima. “We don’t know what the ⁤future holds.”

‘Tout est⁣ mort’ : comment⁢ la⁣ sécheresse record sème la⁣ désolation dans l’Amazonie

Les⁤ communautés qui dépendent des ‍cours d’eau de la forêt ‌tropicale se retrouvent maintenant confrontées à des incendies et à des niveaux d’eau ‍en chute libre.

Une femme se ​tient sur une passerelle en planches qui longe ⁣une rivière asséchée. Des maisons sur pilotis sont situées le long de la berge ​de la rivière.

Paula Lima, 43⁣ ans,⁢ fait partie des habitants de ‍Serafina, au Brésil, qui ⁤ont souffert des faibles niveaux ​d’eau sur la rivière Canaticu [Apolline Guillerot-Malick/Al Jazeera]
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