Ciel enfumé dans la capitale indienne lors de Diwali malgré l’interdiction des pétards

Ciel enfumé dans la capitale indienne lors de Diwali malgré l’interdiction des pétards

Smoky skies in the Indian capital on Diwali

On the night of Diwali, the annual Hindu festival of light, a toxic haze enveloped New Delhi as residents defied a ban on firecrackers. Despite the city’s recent struggles with heavy pollution, people in the city of 20 million let off firecrackers, causing smoke plumes to fill the sky. 3sec’s Navodita Kumari reports from New Delhi, India.

Impact on air quality

The celebration of Diwali in New Delhi has once again highlighted the issue of air pollution in the city. Despite efforts to reduce pollution levels, the ban on firecrackers was largely ignored, leading to a significant deterioration in air quality. The toxic haze that enveloped the city poses a serious health risk to its residents, especially those with respiratory conditions. The government’s failure to enforce the ban effectively has raised concerns about the long-term impact of such pollution on public health.

The need for stricter measures

The events on Diwali night underscore the urgent need for stricter measures to combat air pollution in New Delhi. The government must take decisive action to enforce bans on firecrackers and implement stricter regulations on industries and vehicles that contribute to pollution. Additionally, public awareness campaigns and initiatives to promote cleaner alternatives should be prioritized. Only through concerted efforts can the city hope to improve its air quality and protect the health of its residents.

In conclusion, the smoky skies in New Delhi on Diwali highlight the ongoing issue of air pollution in the city. The government must take immediate and effective action to address this problem and protect the well-being of its citizens.

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